Tailored Solutions

Each service is customized to the needs and priorities of all the residents and visitors of a property and solutions are proposed that would result in complete removal of the targeted pest.

Thorough Diagnosis

Even though our exterminators have many years of experience, they inspect and investigate thoroughly to determine the signatures of your unique pest situation.

Complete Satisfaction

We carefully determine your concerns and priorities regarding the pest situation and make sure that our services will be more than satisfactory.

Most Common Pest Problems

bed bug

Bed Bugs Extermination

We exterminate bed bugs employing most cost effective and successful insecticide spray application. Often a single treatment is enough for 100% elimination of bed bugs.


Flea Extermination

Whether your infestation level is intermediate or just plain crazy. We have done it all. Fleas will be gone. The veterinarian will do your pet and we will do your house.


Cockroach Extermination

We get rid of Cockroaches in most painless fashion. You do not have to do anything as prep. We use bait so you do not have to even leave the house. It can't get any better.


Getting Rid of Centipedes

Centipedes are exterminated by a spray application often targeted towards the base-boards and the base of door frames and similar other unfinished areas of the basement.

house fly

Getting Rid of House Fly

All varieties of flies in and around a structure can be exterminated either using a coarse spray or a fog of spray depending upon the situation. Similar is the treatment for other flying insects.


Getting Rid of Mice

Mice and Rats often contaminate kitchen surfaces and pantry foods. They are also culturally despised as intruders of our homes. There is also a potential for spread of disease from these domestic pests.


Spider Pest Control

Spiders are found in the basement, around frames of doors and windows, and around light fixtures and other outer areas of a structure where making a web would catch some prey to feed on. Spiders may bite in defense.

carpenter ant

Carpenter Ant Pest Control

We eliminate Carpenter ants without employing insecticide spray indoors unless the nest can be clearly located and the infestation is high. Typically we apply dual matrix bait that is safe for people and household pets.

pavement ant

Pavement Ant Pest Control

Pavement Ants are second most common pest among ants. Pavement ants and Pharaoh ants are best exterminated using bait method as merely spraying would not kill the ants remaining in the maintenance of the nest.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Green Pest Control approach and (IPM) Integrated Pest Management strategy

Wherever possible, we employ bait technique for pest extermination. To get rid of mice, rat, cockroaches and most kinds of ants, we use bait. The bait works flawlessly as the targeted Pest is attracted to it. Pest ingests bait and in due time expires. Most bait deployments do not require the occupants to leave the property.

Around the clock services within the 70km radius of Toronto.

We service all areas that are within 70 km radius of Toronto. From Whitby in the east to Hamilton and Waterloo in the west; and from Toronto to Barrie in the North. We understand that it is hard to find time for appointments, so we offer you late evening and weekend appointments on first come first serve basis.